Earth Day: How The Race Around is #RacingByExample

With glaciers continuing to melt, plastics continuing to pollute the oceans, and temperatures continuing to rise, it’s more important than ever to shine a light on the truths behind the climate crisis and environmental degradation whilst acting to implement positive change.

That’s why we’re in full support of Earth Day 2021 and the message it carries here at The Race Around.

This is much deeper than celebrating a single day on the calendar to drive awareness of the change needed globally and locally. For us, it’s about highlighting the work we’re doing to make a positive change and go beyond sport.

We’re here to race by example, to innovate and to showcase what can be done with solutions available today.

Through the theme of “Restore Our Earth”, Earth Day 2021 focuses on the natural processes, the emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that, combined, can restore the world’s ecosystems. In doing so, the onus is on all of us individually and collectively to act and make a change.

While we are a racing event at our very core, The Race Around is focused on using the power of sport and sailing as a platform to leave a positive and lasting impact on the planet through driving sustainable change across the entire marine industry and beyond.

Everything we’ve created through our innovative Futures Program speaks to ‘Restoring our Earth’ – it is central to what we do across our core pillars of industry, the race, education, and diversity.


Some 80% of all marine pollution originates from land sources (agricultural run-off, discharge of nutrients and pesticides and untreated sewage including plastics)*. Unfortunately, many industries, including our very own, are major contributors towards this.

Quite simply, this must change. Through the development of new technologies and materials, alongside better deployment of existing materials, we’re building a fully cradle-to-cradle recyclable Class40 as we drive towards a zero land-fill boat building industry and beyond.

"We’re establishing ways to work with nature as a sustainable resource, rather than against it. We’re here to prove that natural resources don’t need to be exploited to drive human performance, but instead we can work with these resources in a circular fashion."
Imogen Dinham-Price, Sustainability Lead

The Race

It’s in our blood. Everything we’re doing is focused on producing the best possible offshore racing event, while changing the game at every level to actively drive real and lasting sustainable measures.

We’re excited to be implementing a full Life Cycle Assessment program, in association with Quantis, world leaders in this field, throughout the build process of our new fully-recyclable Class40, as well as on all other competing boats, to measure and better understand the environmental impact of a boat’s construction across the entire supply chain through to delivery, use and end of life. The data we capture here will be used to not only implement change across multiple industries, but to create a new carbon budget in which new builds must adhere to should they wish to race the second edition of our new, global event.

"Sailing, as a sport, has an unrivalled opportunity to work in conjunction with the composites value chain and lead the charge as we move away from fibreglass to more sustainable materials. We’re proud to be leading the charge on this as we look to become part of the solution."
Sam Holliday, Managing Director


What does it mean to throw something away? How can we more effectively work towards a circular economy? These are just some of the questions our multi-generational education program will seek to answer on both a global and local level.

From educating schoolchildren on local sustainability challenges in each of our host cities through to our ongoing environmental research projects with our affiliated universities, the development of our corporate education program, and our partnership with the UNESCO Ocean Literacy Program, education is a core pillar of everything we do.


In order to drive real change, we’re aware that this cannot be change from a select, small and exclusive few, but change made by everyone, together.

Our diversity pillar seeks to both diversify the marine industry and the talent pool from which it draws from, but also the job roles directly by integrating new sustainable development positions within what we’re doing.

We’re committed to restoring our Earth through everything that we stand for and are acting upon at The Race Around.

For more information on The Race Around’s Futures Program, click here.

*UNESCO (2021), Blueprint For The Future We Want

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