Our vision is to create a race that isn’t just a tough test of the best in Class40 at sea, but also one that challenges how we, as an industry, operate on land.  Our innovative Futures Program aims to highlight ways, using cutting edge technology, that we can all play a part in reducing our impact on the planet. 

The Futures Program



We want to inspire the sailing industry to integrate sustainable initiatives within boat building and recycling operations to reduce their environmental impact. 


Collaboration with Class40 organisers, boat builders, sailors and other stakeholders is absolutely key to achieving our aims. We will therefore create a knowledge sharing platform to showcase new methods and materials that significantly reduce carbon emissions.


By putting these new methods and ideas into practice and communicating key learnings, we want to offer tried and tested evidence that they impact neither sailing performance nor safety.

The Race

For the first time in an offshore race, The Race Around will be offering entry fees discounts to competitors actively reducing the carbon footprint of the boat building or refit process. 


We will be working collaboratively with our sailors, industry and academics on ‘cradle-to-cradle’ analysis of the environmental impacts associated with all stages of the boat construction process through the use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools. These will also consider how adopting a circular approach can enable the materials to be reused and recycled at the end of a boat’s life for maximum impact. 

This valuable data will be used to set a new class and industry standard through the introduction of a mandatory carbon budget for boats taking part in the second edition of the race in 2027, leaving a lasting legacy. Additionally, all aspects of the event production will adhere to the highest sustainability standards.



As well as working with universities and academics on developing groundbreaking sustainability data before and during the race, we are firmly committed to implementing a robust, curriculum-based education program for schoolchildren. Elements of this outreach will be specifically designed to inspire students by involving them in helping tackle local issues within stopover cities and regions. 


As part of a partner schools initiative to promote shared, international learning, students will be encouraged to collaborate on one specific environmental project as we develop a global community for real change.


The Race Around believes we must do more to engage and further the involvement of under-represented groups of society within the wider sailing industry. In order to achieve this, we will be creating apprenticeship opportunities, integrating development pathways and mentorship elements within our outreach.


During stopovers, the race is looking to work with local boat clubs to provide disadvantaged groups with opportunities to experience the thrill and excitement of sailing.



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