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The Race Around

Solo and Double-handed, 1 Boat, 5 Oceans, 1 Circumnavigation, 1 Race 

The Race Around is a short-handed, classical, multi-staged around the world yacht race starting in the summer of 2023. Run under Category 0, the Race Around is designed to create, in conjunction with Class40, a race that provides fierce racing within a friendly atmosphere at an affordable price point and achievable timeframe.

The race course will feature the three great Capes of ocean navigation and include the challenging Southern Ocean. A start will be given in late September from a French city and followed by a maximum of 5 legs. 


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Event Aims: 

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Fierce Racing

The Race Around aims to be one of the top sporting events within the sphere of short handed offshore yacht racing. It is the aim of the Organising Authority to create a race conducive to creating fierce on water competition in which competitors not only compete for pride but also the largest prize fund of any Class40 race globally.

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Photo Credit: Billy Black 

Friendly Atmosphere

Alongside fierce racing the Organising Authority believe the race should be built upon a friendly atmosphere, one that builds upon the tradition of Class40 being the friendliest, most open and demographically diverse classes in the world.


Photo Credit: Jen Edney 

Highest Levels of Safety

While being an inherently dangerous sport the The Race Around rank competitor safety as the number one priority and as such the organising authority take very seriously its responsibility and work closely with global safety organisation, governing bodies and competitors to ensure risk is minimised and managed in an appropriate way.

The Boat –


The Class 40 is a performance racing yacht with a maximum length of 40 feet. Class 40 has a strict box-rule, which means there is a maximum overall size for boats within the class.

This box-rule has created a class with 165 registered boats from 18 different yacht designers and over 20 countries making it the most successful short-handed offshore racing yacht of all time. 


Most recently 55 Class40s competed in the 2018 Route du Rhum and the global racing calendar continues to expand proving the huge success seen is sure to continue.



LOA: 12.18m
Beam: 4.5m
Displacement: 4500kg
Draft: 3.0m

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